Rocking the 70s and 80s in style

The seventies were a time of change, not only politically but musically and, of course fashion changed. Punk was creeping on the scene with the loud arrival of the Sex Pistols and the Clash with designers such as Vivienne Westwood creating the tartan and studded clothing for the masses. Glam Rock was also gathering momentum with skinny frontmen such as Nikki Sixx gyrating on stage in leather trousers and faces full of makeup. My two forerunners of fashion for the era, are stars of each genre: David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust and punk rocks’ princess: Blondie.



Where to begin with Bowie? His 60s Space Oddity roots are so far from the eccentric Ziggy Stardust of the 70s. In the beginning of this decade Bowie shocked and awed with his striking androgynous style. With his fire red hair, and now iconic make up he was a figure to behold. Ziggy not only played guitar jamming good with Webb and Gilly, he also wowed in a fantastic array of outfits and costumes. Whether it was a skin tight catsuit, shorts and a cropped top or his many leotards, Bowie embodied the essence of the era. His style was ambitious, daring but also enduring. Androgynous models man the catwalks to this day, catsuits are donned by men and women alike and androgynous style is also fashionable with men becoming increasingly feminine and women masculine with cropped pixie cuts and minimal makeup. Bowie’s legacy has carried on, he is truly revered as a musical and a fashion icon not only by myself but by people all over the globe.



Debbie Harry, better known by her stage name Blondie, is regarded as the first woman to step on to the New York punk rock scene of the 70s. With her trademark platinum Blonde hair and cheek bones to die for, she quickly rose through the fashion ranks. Her style reflects the scene she rocked in, with it being a mixture of fearless punk princess in her leopard print catsuit, to casual cool in double denim. Her style has influenced generations of young women who have emulated her style. Her edgy but fun punk look has also influenced trends around the world whether its leopard print pieces, printed tees and leather jackets or the daring double denim ensemble. Blondie is remembered not only for her music but also her cutting edge style which gained popularity for infusing femininity into punk pieces, in a style still worn by girls, and myself today.

Debbie Harry


Bowie and Blondie were not only influencing the world with their music, their conscious choices in fashion and their individual style helped to create the link between music and fashion, shaping subcultures and trends for years to come.

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